Custom Standup Pouches

This packaging solution is fast becoming one of the most popular bags for the food industry. It has a tear off seal and an optional zip lock function at the top. An empty stand up pouch takes a small amount of shipping space, yet when filled it can hold a significant amount of product. These bags are also an excellent choice for frozen food packaging, lawn and garden packaging, pet food packaging.



Below is a diagram of a common stand up pouch, in order to help you better understand the benefits of stand up pouches.

Zip lock stand up pouches provide an excellent medium for increased product branding. Unlike a rip top pouch, the zip lock is reusable and is a seldom discarded package, staying in the customers possession until the product is thrown away. Stand up pouches are also great at preserving food and spices. This means the food will stay preserved without having to add any unnatural preservatives.


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