Blister Card | Custom Clamshell

Custom Blister Cards and Custom Clamshells are one of the most popular custom packaging solutions in which the customer needs to be able to see the product. With the proper design of the blister or clamshell, significant amounts of room can be saved when properly packaged in a corrugated master shipper case. For both the card and the custom plastic blister, the design possibilities are endless. You will find blister packaging used in custom cosmetics packaging, tool and hardware packaging, custom toy packaging, custom food packaging, and custom sporting goods packaging. Custom Clamshells are often used in electronics, cosmetics, and specialty products.






About Our Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard is primarily made of SBS (solid bleached sulphate), CCNB (clay coat news back), CCKB (clay coat kraft back), or Kraft. Each material has it’s own uses, benefits, and capabilities. When deciding which material should be used, you need to take into consideration the print quality needed, the strength of the box, the cost, and environmental impacts of making the particular paper used to make the chipboard folding carton. To understand this process more in depth and to get a free design consultation or price quote, please contact us.

Part of deciding what paper to use for a chipboard box, is deciding what point or thickness of paper to use for your packaging. Most paper is bought in increments of 2 points (the standard unit of measurement), usually starting with 10 point for a chipboard box, going all the way up to 24 point for printing applications. The most commonly ordered boxes are between 16-24 point.

Just like the material of a chipboard folding carton; there are many different styles of chipboard boxes to choose from and each has its own uses, benefits, and drawbacks. We will highlight a few of the common styles here.

Printing on a chipboard box:
If you really desire to make your graphic design stand out on your printed chipboard box, we recommend using SBS material. The inks tend to absorb much nicer on the SBS material and provide the crisp colors you will need to make your box stand out from your competition. If you are more concerned with the structural integrity of the box, we recommend using the CCKB chipboard material. Finally, if you are after a more cost effective option, the CCNB is the way to go. We do not recommend printing directly onto a kraft box.

After you have decided the material of paper you would like to use, you will need to consider the following:

  1. How many colors do you want your box to be? Most companies use the standard 4 color CMYK process to print on their box. However, if your graphic design requires that your chipboard folding carton have very specific colors, you may use a PMS book to call out a specific color(s). We also have green packaging options which use soy based inks.
  2. What type of coating does your chipboard box require? In order to seal the inks and keep them from running and bleeding, a chipboard box manufacturer needs to seal the ink. An aqueous coating is always used unless otherwise specified. However, if you would like your custom printing to really shine, you may want to consider using a high gloss UV coating to highlight different printed areas of your chipboard box or the entire box.
  3. Do I want any accents to the printing? We offer a full selection of embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and spot UV services.

Our chipboard manufacturers:
We represent chipboard manufacturers and printers located in Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, Fresno, Salt Lake City, San Jose, and San Francisco with warehousing available in most cities.

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