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Food Packaging is obviously a huge industry and a huge part of our  business.Walk into any local or major grocery store and you will see just how important the form and function of your food packaging can be.Food Packaging utilizes all of our core packaging materials and supplies includingchipboard boxescorrugated shippersplastic poly bags, and POP displays. We also work with designers and manufacturers of custom and stock bottles, jars, caps, and printed labels. We have designed and sourced several food packaging accounts and understand your packaging needs.



When packaging food, the following items must be taken into consideration:

  • Barrier protection from any outside contaminant, i.e. water, air, dust, etc.
  • Structural integrity and product protection. Whether shipping via UPS, FedEx or common carrier, shock, vibration and load support are at the forefront of food packaging design.
  • Graphic design on food packaging is probably the single most important factor of product “sell through”. Keep this in mind when working with a graphic artist. Ask us how to take advantage of our printing techniques and print finishes to attract more end users off the aisle and to your product.
  • Food packaging security is an insurance policy on your product. Proper closures, seals and design will help to insure product safety and security.
  • Packaging is where portion control starts. Properly sized bags, boxes, bottles, and jars lead to a more controlled pack out environment.


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