Our Process


You will be happy to know that you have contacted one of Inc. 500/5000’s fastest growing private companies in America!  We achieved this goal through our innovation, agility, customer service, and loyal relationships.  We are proud to have won Inc. Magazines fastest growing privately held custom packaging company now five years and counting. We hope that you will join in celebrating with us this year as we look to add to our steady growth.

For the industrial and retail industries, Peek Packaging will find a custom packaging solution for any of your product packaging needs. Our expert, award-winning packaging design team is an elite group on the forefront of the most innovative and modern designs and techniques. Peek has a combine tenure of over 150 years of custom packaging experience.

Our Process

1. Idea 

What is my product?
Who is my target audience? 
How do I get my product to them?  

These are just a few questions that I am sure that you are asking yourself as you peruse our website. Since you have already gone this far why not let Peek Packaging help you with the next steps. 

2. Project Management 

You already have the idea and possibly the widget. Let our team of experienced Project Managers help guide you through the packaging process. At Peek, we know that no two projects are the same. That being said we know it is important to match a Project Manager whose strengths align with your particular needs. Our Project Managers are diverse in knowledge and each bring something unique to the table. 

Our goal is to help you find the ideal custom packaging solution and meet your needs based on your vision and goals. We are well versed in determining the best options for you based on what type of packaging you are looking for, volume, material, and print. Our team understands operations behind the scenes as well, so we strive to utilize proper machinery based on your location. Your Project Manager will help coordinate the logistics of it all and guide you from concept to delivery of your custom packaging. Give us a call and let the Peek Project Managers go to work for you! 

3. Concept 

Just like every product is not alike, every packaging concept is unique as well. This is where you and your Project Manager will get together and figure out answers to your product packaging. Do you have multiple skus of your products? Where will your product be sold? 

How will your product ship? These are just a few of the discovery questions that your Peek Packaging Project Manager will help guide you through to make sure that you have the best design for your product. 

4. Design (Structure, Dielines & Mockups)

Once through the concept phase and a design structure is made, Peek’s design team will bring the project to life. We use CAD software to design the structure itself and send that design to our die cutting tables to cut the structure and make sure your product fits well. From there it is a matter of getting the dielines to your team for you to lay down graphics. Peek’s team can guide you through the best overall look for your product package whether it be a finish that will make your box standout or a lamination for your bag that creates a softer touch for your consumer. Peek designers can then make you a fully printed mockup so you can see what the finished design will look like prior to the last phase: Production. 

5. Production

You are almost there! All of the hard work has gotten you to this final stage. Now let the Peek production team take all that hard work and mass produce your project for you. The machinery that is used to run production is large and costly so it is wise to make sure that your production run is worth setting up the machines to run your job. Peek will ensure your product packaging is run in a way that is efficient and in your budget.