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Custom Box Inserts

Custom Chipboard Inserts & Corrugated Box Inserts

Chipboard and corrugated custom box inserts can be designed for both looks and function. There are times when you might require a larger surface area for graphics or information so an insert is needed to take up the negative space in the box design. This can be especially useful when a certain amount of information needs to be present on the outside of the packaging. There are also times where products are uniquely shaped and require an insert to hold the product in place to allow for a snug fit while in transit. We can make custom chipboard inserts for lighter products and corrugated box inserts for heavier product needs.

Custom Foam Diecut

These custom made inserts can be fitted inside a container such as a custom corrugated box inserts, but they are also used in hard cases for the protection of sensitive equipment where repeated removal/insertion is required. The foam is able to be molded into different sizes, shapes, lengths, and thickness to perfectly fit and preserve the product.

These qualities make foam great for cosmetics, tools, medical devices and other products that require a little more protection.

Custom Foam Endcaps

Made from a durable and impact resistant foam these custom inserts are typically used to secure sensitive equipment inside a shipping container. These custom foam endcaps are durable, abrasion resistant, and do not absorb water, making this a great choice for agriculture, sporting equipment, construction, and industrial items.

Even though they can be reused, this custom packaging solution is affordable enough for a one time use application. 

Thermoform Inserts

Thermoform trays are plastic trays that are vacuum heated and formed around a tool to create cavities inside the tray. These trays are best used in medical fields where clean packaging is imperative so the product is not contaminated with particles of material. The flexibility of plastic allows for much greater customization, but this creates a more complex tool that is usually more costly relative to other insert styles.

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