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Custom Rigid Set-Up Boxes

Custom Rigid Setup Boxes Packaging

You have almost certainly seen a rigid setup box before. Apple’s infamous packaging utilizes this high end style of box to give products a luxurious look. This premium style of custom setup box comes at a price so it is important to see if your product has the budget for this style of box.

Most custom setup packaging are completely hand made. The foundation of the box is made by adhering chipboard material together that is usually 3-5 times the thickness of standard chipboard. A custom wrap is then cut to shape and hand applied around the outside of the box. Liner wraps can also be used to wrap the inside of the box. The wraps and liners are used to eliminate all seams on the box to create a very clean packaging look. Wraps and liners can be fully printed, and produced with specialty finishes, such as foil or uv, to really enhance the aesthetics. Custom rigid setup boxes are an effective way to elevate your custom packaging above the competition.

The great benefits of rigid setup boxes are perceived value and open box experience. High end product packaging is the most common use for custom rigid setup boxes. Imagine the feeling when opening up a new iPhone box. Every detail looks beautifully finished and the package feels complete. If you are buying a very expensive product, you want the packaging to reflect that. Gift Boxes are another common use for this style of packaging due to the experience involved when opening a box that feels is what made with care. People also tend to hold onto these boxes because of how nice they are.

Do you think your products would benefit from custom rigid setup packaging? Talk to one of our project managers to see if this style of packaging will work for you. We enjoy creating these boxes because the end result is so rewarding, but we will always make sure it is a viable solution for our customers before moving toward a certain packaging style.

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