What is your minimum order?

Minimum order sizes depend on the type of packaging you are looking for.

Do you carry stock packaging items?

Peek Packaging does not carry any stock packaging as everything we supply is custom.

What are your lead times?

Lead times depend on the type of packaging you are looking for, and whether or not your packaging needs specialty print/finishes. First time orders take longer to manufacture as items need to be proofed for production and often times tooling needs to be made. 

Standard lead times:

Chipboard: 3-4 weeks for initial order and 2 weeks for re-orders.

Corrugated: 1-2 weeks. Labels: 1-2 weeks. Set-Up Boxes: 6-8 weeks. Bags/Pouches: 4-8 weeks.

Can you assemble our packaging?

Peek Packaging typically does not assemble any packaging. Most packaging will arrive at the destination flat.

Can you design our custom graphics?

We have graphic designers on staff. We are happy to design artwork for you, or work hands on with your graphic designer.

What are your payment terms?

Our preferred payment terms are 50% down and 50% collected before delivery. Terms can be negotiated further on future orders.