Peek Packaging offers a large variety of custom point of purchase displays. If you need to showcase your business cards, brochures, or a jewelry selection we have the custom acrylic display to fit your needs. In a competitive environment, anything you can do to have your items stand out will help. We assure you that using a custom point of purchase acrylic display will do just that.


Large club stores like Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s have specific packaging and palletizing requirements that must be followed. They purchase products by the pallet. Maximizing your pallet configuration to get the most product per pallet is essential. Building proper custom trays that will arrive at the clubs without damage is crucial to your success.


We design custom counter top displays in both chipboard and corrugated materials.  Knowing what your customer requires of you from the beginning will eliminate the problem of a great looking display that will not fit.Custom counter top displays need to be eye catching, easy to load, and easy for the retailer to setup.


Does your display catch the eye from 15 feet away? Can the retailer set it up in less than 2 minutes? Does it match the customers allowed footprint? Does it make “cents” when start up dies and plates are in the thousands? All good questions when considering the move or upgrade in your custom floor display.


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