Project Management

Peek Packagings team of Project Managers will help you find the ideal custom packaging solution. Our goal is to meet your needs based on your vision and goals. We are well versed in determining the best options for you based on what type of packaging you are looking for, volume, material, and print. Our team understands operations behind the scenes as well, so we strive to utilize proper machinery based on your location. Your Project Manager will help coordinate the logistics of it all and guide you from concept to delivery of your custom packaging.

The first step is to determine the size and style of the box. Peek Packaging will work with you to determine which style will work best for your company and budget. A plain sample is made to verify size and also to create the die lines for the graphic artist to use to create the art for the custom rigid box. Once we receive the artwork, we digitally print “wraps” that can be hand glued to a plain sample for a fully printed mockup of the rigid box

This attention to our operations has allowed us to adjust easily to fluctuations in the market place as well as being available for our customers ongoing packaging solutions. We pride ourselves on utilizing time studies, box design, production cost, and print capability to come up with the most effective packaging solution for your product.

When designing our customer’s custom packaging need we take into account customer throughput, cost and proper use of pallet and shipping requirements and cost all the while making sure the product arrives in pristine condition. Our turnaround time on project can be as quick as 24 hours for stock products or as extensive as designing a package solution from the ground up. We have full printing capabilities including: flexoprint, 4 color process litho label, single face laminated, 1-6 colors direct print.

We take customer concerns into consideration from the very beginning.