Custom Chipboard Boxes | Experience Aids in the Selection of Custom Packaging

Just about everyone is familiar with chipboard boxes of some type.  They can be used for a diverse range of purposes – – from chipboard boxes for tissue paper, to high end luxury skin care items in retail establishments.  Chipboard boxes have been in use by manufacturers for many years. Chipboard boxes are popular because they’re inexpensive to manufacture as well as environmentally friendly. They’re recyclable and oftentimes are made from recycled materials.   Chipboard is made from pieces of paper that are compressed together, combined with a bonding agent like resin or glue.  Chipboard is easy to print on and retains color printing well.

Chipboard boxes are made of cardboard that varies in weight, increasing in increments of 2-points; from 10-point (thin) to 24-points (thicker) in thickness.  Companies use different weights of chipboard boxes for packaging individual products such as toothpaste or frozen dinners as well as for the cartons the products are packaged in to be shipped to stores. The most common thicknesses used in custom packaging range from 16-points up to 24- points.

A chipboard box may be ordered for a specific size and purpose. Chipboard boxes can be designed in many different styles.  They are typically manufactured and shipped flat to the end user.  The end user then folds them to form the complete box.   When it comes to deciding which chipboard box design best suits your needs, consulting with an experienced custom packaging designer can save time, money and headaches.

The following is a list of some commonly found types of custom chipboard boxes:Custom Rigid Boxes or Set Up Boxes

Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes also known as Set Up Boxes are hand made from a much thicker stock, typically 50PT Chip. Set Up Boxes have great structural integrity and are easy to fast load. Custom Rigid Boxes are strictly a custom box made-to-order to fit a product’s exact dimensions and it delivers the highest quality custom packaging option available. Rigid Boxes or Set Up Boxes are seen in high end luxury products such as:   custom cosmetic packaging, skin care packaging, specialty foods, custom jewelry packaging and games.Tuck Top Auto Bottom or TTABTM

As one of the more popular styles of chipboard boxes, Custom tuck top auto bottom allows for easy custom printing and quick assembly. The top of the chipboard box tucks in and the bottom is automatically “pops” into place.  Common uses are: custom retail packaging, custom food packaging, custom coffee packaging, custom biotech packaging, packaging for custom sporting goods, and custom tea packaging.Same side Tuck End or STE

A custom same side tuck end box is glued.  Each end is folded and locked on the same side. If graphic presentation is very important then the STE would be a great choice as long as tucks are positioned on the back of the box. An optional fifth panel may be added so the STE can be hung on pegs. The Same Side Tuck end or STE can be used for vitamin packaging, custom soap boxes, custom perfume boxes, and custom food packaging.Rolled End Tuck Top or RETT

Custom rolled end tuck top is an unglued box that is folded during assembly. Sides are typically  three layers of custom chipboard for added strength and the top opens and closes by tucking inside the box. Common uses for the RETT custom chipboard box are custom retail packaging, custom vitamin packaging, custom coffee and tea packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and Costco packaging.Reverse Tuck End or RTE

The Reverse Tuck End custom chipboard box is similar to the STE, however on the custom RTE but tabs or tuck ends lock on the opposite panels. The custom RTE has a lower price point than an custom STE due to the fact that you can fit more boxes on a sheet of material. Custom packaging uses for this chipboard box include: custom vitamin and pharmaceutical packaging, custom candy packaging, custom perfume boxes, custom software packaging and soap boxes.Reverse Side Tuck End or RTE with Hang Panel

The Reverse Tuck End custom chipboard box is a standard RTE chipboard box, but with a custom hang panel, which provides additional space for advertising as well as a hole which can be used for hanging product from pegs and clip strips. Custom packaging uses for this chipboard box include: custom vitamin and pharmaceutical packaging, custom software packaging and custom food packaging.Custom Dispenser Box

Chipboard boxes such as Custom Dispensers can be used in a variety  of different ways for shelf display and counter top display. The Custom Dispenser box can also be manufactured with a bottom opening tray format, allowing the product to gravity feed into the tray.  Common uses include:  custom medicine packaging, custom candy packaging, custom retail packaging, custom tea packaging, custom coffee packaging and custom food packaging.Custom Clamshells and Blister Cards

Custom Blister Cards and Custom Clamshells are some of the most popular custom packaging solutions for customer who wants to display their product. Customers can save significant amounts of shipping room using a properly designed” target=”_self” style=”zoom: 1; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(102, 102, 102); cursor: pointer; font-size: 11px !important; text-decoration: underline !important;”>blister or clamshell box. Both the card and the custom plastic blister allow for a myriad of design possibilities. Blister packaging is commonly used in: custom cosmetics packaging, tool packaging, hardware packaging, custom food packaging, custom toy packaging, and customized sport goods packaging. Custom Clamshells are often used in cosmetics, electronics and other specialty products.Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom or TTSNLBTM

The Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom is the same as a tuck top auto bottom, although the bottom is not glued ahead of time. This version has four flaps that are folded and locked to form the bottom. It has a stronger bottom versus the auto bottom and is less expensive to manufacture.  However, it may take a little bit longer to assemble. Common uses are: custom retail packaging, custom food packaging, custom biotech packaging, custom tea packaging, custom coffee packaging and custom sporting goods packaging.   Peek Packaging, a leader in custom packaging solutions utilizes an in house design and review team to match customer’s requirements to the proper custom packaging requirements. By representing large, midsize, and smaller manufacturers across the country. Peek matches the project to the proper manufacturing site. Peek works with customers from many different industries and creates a custom packaging solution for each one.  Some examples include, retail packaging, POP displays, custom printing, flexo printing, corrugated boxes or cardboard boxs, and folding cartons.  They also service companies in the food packaging industry. Peek Packagings shipping supplies such as bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, shipping boxes, crating services, pack out, JIT services and fulfillment are very competitive.

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