Custom Packaging Leader Believes Making a Contribution is Most Important

If you have a great product, a custom packaging presentation will help the world see the excellence in what you offer. If you have a great vision, the world will understand that what you offer matters. ~ Bob Peek, founder and CEO of Peek Packaging

San Diego, CA, July 12th, 2012 – – The experts in Custom Packaging at Peek Packaging understand that businesses want to ensure that their products are enhanced by their presentation.  They also recognize that the quality of a business can be measured by how it enhances the world.

That’s why Bob Peek, founder and CEO of Peek Packaging – a custom packaging solutions firm – believes that improving the quality of life for others goes hand-in-hand with running a business that aims to help others succeed.

This month, ViX, a San Diego-based business that Peek Packaging Solutions supports, reached an important fundraising goal.  Although the swimwear design firm’s charity drive does not conclude until the end of the month, ViXi has announced its early achievement of a goal to raise $50,000 to improve the lives of indigenous communities in Brazil.

Michelle Koch is ECommerce Sales & Marketing Coordinator of San Diego-based ViX Swimwear, a global lifestyle brand of swim and resort wear.  She says that it has exceeded expectations in its efforts to support Água Pura Brasil, a project designed to give people living near the Amazon River in Brazil access to sustainable and clean water.

Peek Packaging Solutions came to know ViX as a client first, developing new, reversible boxes for ViX to ship its swimwear in. The boxes were designed with sustainability in mind – they can be turned inside out, and refolded, so that the ViX logo becomes a subtle marketing emblem inside the box. That makes the ViX packaging perfect for summer give-away surprises. This convenient reusability makes the new boxes one of the most eco-friendly custom packaging options that Peek offers to date.

Peek Packaging believes in what Michelle does to improve the lives of people who live in the Amazon, and has supported her efforts. We recognize that it takes the work of ViX and others to achieve one, shared goal.

Agua Pura Brasil means “Pure Water Brasil” in Portuguese. Just $11 can provide one person living along the Amazon River with sustainable and clean water. That, in and of itself, can cut child mortality rates by half, and provide improved sanitation and hygiene for entire communities.

Could there be a better way to provide custom packaging solutions to people in need?

About Peek Packaging Inc.

Peek Packaging has over 40 years of accumulated experience with custom packaging experience and design.  Peek Packaging can help clients conceptualize and execute their packaging needs, from design concept all the way to delivery of a finished product.  Peek strives to save their customers energy, time and money by creating custom packaging that will improve their products’ marketability. Peek Packaging offerings can also highlight particular assets of a product to consumers, such as sustainability and lasting quality and freshness.

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