Custom Packaging Leader Peek Packaging Designs Stand Up Pouch for Lydia’s Organics

San Diego, CA, June 14th, 2012-Custom Packaging Leader, Peek Packaging has designed a stand up pouch for Lydia’s Organics.  The “Lydia’s Organics Bag” features colorful four color graphics and a flat bottom that allows for greater storage capacity.

“One of the things I really like about the Lydia’s Organic stand up pouch bag is that it provides for a better presentation than a standard bag,” said Bob Peek, CEO of Peek Packaging.  “Because the stand up pouch bag stands up, we were able to print some nice graphics on the front.  The stand up pouch serves as a billboard for a company’s product, right on the store shelf.  Consumers can easily see the product with a stand up pouch bag and this can mean additional sales for a manufacturer.”

Additional benefits of the stand up pouch bag include:  better shelf life for products; improved freshness of products and increased capacity versus standard bags.  Stand up punch bags can be made with the following additional options:  clear pouch or colored pouches; metallized barriers; four color printing; a resealable zip-loc slide and even optional hole-punching for POP displays.  

Peek Packaging offers the stand up pouch bag to its customers either as rolled stock or finished bags with a variety of features, including Inside Out Custom Chipboard Boxes are often shipped with instructions notifying people that they can reverse the box and re-purpose it. 

“The stand up pouch bag is great because it packs easily to the end users and can be filled and closed with a heat sealer for better product freshness,” said Ed Heller, Director of Sales for Peek Packaging.  “We can fit a thousand of these stand up pouches in a small box and ship them to our client for filling.”

Common uses for the stand up pouch include many food products like: rice, sugar, flour and candy.

About Peek Packaging Inc.

Peek Packaging has over forty years of accumulated experience with custom packaging experience and design.  Peek Packaging is capable of assisting a prospect with their custom packaging requirements, from design concept all the way to delivery of a finished product.  Peek strives to save their customers’ energy, time and money by aiding in the design of a custom packaging solution that is highly marketable and very production-friendly.

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