Custom Rigid Chipboard Box Distinguishes Manufacturers From Their Competition

Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes, also called Setup Boxes, allow manufacturers to distinguish their products from the competition.

San Diego, CA, May 2nd, 2012 – – Manufacturers who want to distinguish their product from the competition are increasingly turning to Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes, also called Setup Boxes, for their custom packaging needs.  Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes are typically put together using a 50pt chipboard material, lending them a very sturdy feel.  In fact, Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes were one of the original replacements for the old wooden shipping crate. 

“People who select Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes want to convey a sense of value to their customers,” said Peek Packaging CEO, Bob Peek.  “Because they are made to specifically fit the items they hold, they can be highly customized.  We have made Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes for clients that have elaborate foam liners, covered in velvet.  Other Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes have had vivid color printing, with UV highlighting that really makes the colors pop.”

While Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes are not the least expensive to manufacture, the elegance and sturdiness they convey more than justifies the added expense.  Custom Rigid Chipboard boxes are delivered to the end user, fully assembled.  Due to the intricacy involved in manufacturing them, most Custom Rigid Chipboard boxes are assembled by hand.  Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes are taped in the corners for added stability and then covered with a wrapping of paper that can be printed with a design.

“The sky is really the limit when it comes to Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes” said Ed Heller, Director of Sales for Peek Packaging.  “We’ve designed Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes for fragrance companies whose products are sold at high-end retailers around the world.  We’ve also designed Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes for DVD packaging and even puzzle companies.  Because each project is a custom project, we take pride in working closely with our customers and ensuring we have the concept and design perfect before it goes into production.”


Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes are usually made from 50PT Chip. Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes have incredible structural integrity and are easy to fast load. Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes are strictly custom item made-to-order and fit products exactly.  Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes deliver the highest quality packaging option available. Custom Rigid Chipboard Boxes are most commonly used for high-end skin care products, custom cosmetic packaging, custom jewelry packaging, specialty foods and game sets.

About Peek Packaging Inc.

Peek Packaging has over forty years of accumulated experience with custom packaging experience and design.  Peek Packaging is capable of assisting a prospect with their custom packaging requirements, from design concept all the way to delivery of a finished product.  Peek strives to save their customers’ energy, time and money by aiding in the design of a custom packaging solution that is highly marketable and very production-friendly.

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