Do You Need a Setup Box on a Startup Budget? Try a Simplex Tray

“Simplex trays are excellent alternate options to setup boxes for hundreds of reasons,” says Bob Peek, CEO of Peek Packaging.  “First and foremost, they can easily be shipped flat which saves manufacturers a considerable amount of money in shipping and delivery costs,” he continues.  “Secondly, labor expenses for manufacturing simplex trays are decreased because the completed product is transported to our clients unassembled.”

Historically for a wide variety of factors, setup boxes have been costly for companies to use to package their merchandise.  Raw material is one major contributing factor.  Some manufacturers sense that setup boxes can be cost-prohibitive because they are for the most part crafted of heavier, thicker chipboard. Another factor is that setup boxes are created as finished products making them labor intensive to production and are therefore delivered fully assembled but “hollow.”   Companies find that they are paying to “ship air” in these empty packing containers.

“Clients tell us that they have encountered no significant fulfillment issues using simplex trays,” Peek reports.  Even though simplex trays are shipped unassembled to clients, they are tremendously easy to put together.  “As a matter of fact, they feel the discounts on the simplex trays outweigh the minimum amount of additional labor their teams need to construct the simplex trays.”

Peek Packaging can modify simplex trays by direct printing with a 4 color process, including photo quality graphics with a broad variety of finishes (i.e.: UV, Spot UV Embossing and foil stamping).  These simplex trays are normally used with chipboard material, double glued, are very simple to print, easy to assemble and come in a variety of sizes.

Manufacturers also save money on storage space for simplex trays because they need to have much less area than common setup boxes.  “Manufacturers can storehouse many more unassembled simplex trays in a smaller footprint than setup boxes,” says Peek.

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