Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging with Tiny Footprint and Big Impression

In the days of recycling, reducing, replenishing, Peek Packaging has come up with a retail shipping box for our customers that eliminates an outer shipping box, peanuts, packing tape and materials all together, and still have products reach the market safely.

Our Inside-Out Box accomplishes  both shipping and display tasks while being one of the most green retail packagingoptions in the industry. 

OK…here’s the scenario…you order a product online and it comes in this cool little box.  Let’s say the box has a couple of pairs of argyle sox in it.  It arrives looking like a standard brown shipping box and when you open it, you find a note inside that explains, “This is an Inside-Out Box” and instructions to reverse the construction and use it as a display or gift box.

Your customers can turn it inside out.  They will find your product information on beautiful litho printing on the inside of the box.  Take out the sox, break down the box and go through the process of turning your box inside-out – – it’s kind of fun and a great selling tool!  Again, all of your graphics are on the inside so it stays nice and clean. 

Once it’s turned inside-out your customers have a beautiful box and fell like they are doing their part for our planet.  It may be slightly smudged from shipping, but by reversing it your customer has this nice box they can use for display sales or gifts. 

You save on the outer shipping box, you save on the packing material…all of the peanuts, the bubble wrap, all the paper that went into the shipping box and tape, etc. AND you deliver your product in a great looking box! 

If you think you want to try an Inside-out box for your company’s products, feel free to give us a call at 888-98-BOXES, Or “get a quote” at our website: Or email:

Have a great day!

Bob Peek, CEO
Peek Packaging

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