Food Packaging Is Indispensable To Modern Times

The packaging of a product permits the general public to identify it rapidly and ascertain what its functionality is. The importance extends clearly beyond functionality. For most food products, the foremost objective of food packaging is to ensure the safety of the product and preserve it in quality condition for the anticipated shelf life until it is ready to be consumed. The following must always be considered with respect to packaging food:

  • Portion control begins with packaging.
  • Barrier protection from outside contaminants like water, air, dust, etc.
  • Design of structural architecture and product protection from shipping shock, movement and load support.
  • Eye-catching graphic design for effective product “sell through.” 
  • Insure product safety and security with tamper resistant design, proper closures and seals.

A primary objective for food packaging is the protection against spoilage or deterioration as a result of physical damage during supply and product distribution. In the storage, distribution and handling, food products are subjected to shocks, jolts and vibrations on delivery vehicles, and compression loads attributed to stacking and temperature control in warehouses. A food packages’ physical barrier should be rather conducive in resisting impact, abrasion and crushing damage, so it can effectively be used as shipping containers in addition to packaging for delicate products.

Yet another notable subject experiencing attention in food packaging is the flavor and scent barrier. The packaging functionality must protect the product from damage during handling and environmental deterioration. There are packages which contain material to absorb moisture to help prolong shelf life as well as provide an effective barrier for food dehydration and freezer burn. The scope to which food packaging complies with its preservation attribute that can cause spoilage is dependent on materials capable of providing a barrier to the environmental factors.

Packaging must protect what it sells and sell what it protects. Packaging is indispensable to the prevention of physical damage and chemical deterioration from mechanical and climatic hazards, as well as changes caused by microorganisms. Ultimately, the packaging should allow for the presentation, identification, information and convenience for the food product from the moment of production until utilized. For more information on food packaging please feel free to contact Peek Packaging at (760) 438-1616.

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