Peek Packaging Provides Beneficial Custom Packaging Prototypes for Customers

Peek Packaging Creates a Printed One Off Full Printed Mock Up for Customers to Deliver an Idea of Graphics, Layout, and Finishing of Package Prior to Production.

Carlsbad, CA, May 8, 2013 – The mock up is an innovative way to show customers what their product will be packaged in prior to producing mass quantities. The full printed custom packaging sample provides a visual and physical idea of what customers will be using to promote their product and show to potential buyers and customers of their own.

Peek Packaging has been able to print prototypes for customers that simulates the finished packaging design and structure before any production begins. These mockups provide a physical sample for customers to review, make changes, and present to potential retailers. If customers need to change packaging due to internal requirements or those of retailers, they can do so without much trouble. This saves the customer and vendor time and money by doing any editing with the one off sample and running the correct custom package design through production the first time.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Peek Packaging, Bob Peek, strongly believes in using custom packaging mock ups. He explains, “As the customer, you’re going to show your goods, which includes packaging, to the ‘Costcos’, ‘Wal-Marts’, on your webpage, and a number of different places. You may have a custom packaging idea that you need to show purchasing managers before you go into production and that is what the mock ups are for. You can show them exactly what they will be buying from you.” Bob continues, “When you start dealing with the retailer, you don’t want to make 100,000 pieces of your product, and they only buy 1,000. You may even want to pre-sell and that’s why customers love mock ups, and that’s why we love to make them.”

Misty Manalastas, a Peek Sales Representative, adds to the usefulness of mock ups. “When a customer is trying to sell their product to a buyer, they want it to stand out against competitors. Presenting a mock up is one way to stand out from other similar brands. The product’s custom packaging is the first interaction and impression of the product. With a full printed mock up, it shows the buyer what it will look like in the stores. Misty gives a scenario, “Maybe a customer ordered 5,000 sleeves to go around their boxes. When the sleeves were shipped to them after production, they found that they were too small to fit the box. Now, the customer just paid for 5,000 sleeves that can’t be used and has to order another 5,000 that are the correct size. This is one reason why a mock up is so important. We are able to work out all the kinks before going into production and in return, save the customer time and money.”

Peek Packaging looks forward to fulfilling any custom packaging needs of future customers. For a consultation, please call (760) 438-1616.

About Peek Packaging:Peek Packaging offers custom packaging solutions to commercial business nationwide looking for creative and cost effective packaging. Peek presents custom designed packaging in several different materials such as, custom corrugated boxes, chipboard boxes, set up boxes, plastic bottles, glass containers, bags, foam products and virtually every other type of custom packaging solution available today.

Peek Packaging has over 40+ years of experience in custom packaging, holding the ability to satisfy each and every customer the company comes across. The business has also been awarded Inc. 500’s  “5000 Fastest Growing Companies” for 4 consecutive years. With the experienced and talented staff, Peek Packaging is able to give customers time and cost efficiency as well as satisfaction in creative design for every custom packaging need.

Company Contact Information

Peek Packaging
6221 Yarrow Drive, Ste. A
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Phone: (760) 438-1616

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