Sensational Packaging Solutions to Catch your Customer’s Eye

Did you know most purchasing decisions are subconscious and dictated largely by color and packaging? These innovative and customizable packaging solutions are sure to boost your product’s sales both on the shelves and online. 

Categories of Packaging

First, learn to evaluate the two critical categories of packaging for your product and identify weak points. Then you’ll be ready to implement packaging solutions in each type of packaging.

Primary Packaging

This packaging is directly in contact with the product you’re selling. Primary packaging will be the medium that most customers will see when making a purchasing decision. What would set your product apart on the shelves?

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging holds together multiple units of a product. It is not typically in direct contact with the product itself. Examples of secondary packaging are countertop displays or cases of beer. They are designed to help deliver mass products to the consumer. Well designed secondary packaging can be very useful in drawing a consumer’s attention to your product as there is typically a larger usable surface for printing.

Tertiary Packaging

This holds the product together and makes it easier to transport, distribute, and store. A case of water bottles or master shipper of granola bars is considered tertiary packaging. This packaging needs to balance useful branding that identifies the product with effective functionality. Poorly designed secondary packaging can really hurt a company by delivering damaged products.

Custom Packaging

How your product is presented on the shelves is a determining factor in consumer purchasing decisions. Customers are drawn to personalized, colorful, and well-branded primary and secondary packaging. Reconsider these key areas of packaging and your sales will reflect it.

Corrugated Boxes 

Package design is becoming increasingly critical for in-person purchases. Custom corrugated boxes are typically used more for function than aesthetics as they can hold more weight and protect your product significantly more than chipboard. Corrugated boxes can also be used as a point of purchase or retail display to showcase products upright or arranged in a tray. The technology of printing onto corrugated material is improving quickly. Litho labels can also be laminated to corrugated material for a much wider range of high quality print options.

Chipboard Boxes

To draw customers in and still have ample space for marketing and branding, a custom chipboard box is the most efficient packaging solution. Chipboard can easily be shaped into various sizes to accommodate your product and help it stand out. Level up the design with unique finishes and colors.  

Customized Inserts

As a customer, it can be disappointing to receive a square cardboard shipping box with your purchase rolling around inside instead of a customized carrier. Using customized inserts instantly elevates your brand and creates a personalized experience. Chipboard and corrugated inserts protect your product while providing negative space for advertising content. 

A well designed insert makes your packaging look well thought out and increases the perceived value of your product.

Set-Up Boxes

Set up boxes are unique in that they are usually hand-built and hand wrapped with thicker, more rigid material than standard boxes. Wrapping the boxes makes them seamless for a really polished look that people love. For an expensive product, consider this high-end alternative to the typical box. Apple boxes are an iconic use of rigid set-up boxes.

Flexible Packaging

Think about a box of cereal: it’s always in a rectangular box with a bag inside. What if it was in a resealable stand-up package? The unordinary will automatically attract the eye and secure new customers. Flexible packaging is critical in keeping your products fresh as several layers with different barrier properties are laminated together. A stale product can kill repeat business very quickly! 


If you’re ready to start using packaging as unique as your product, check out our packaging solutions page for more inspiration and contact us at Our team is experienced in creating packaging for all industries and is dedicated to finding custom solutions to elevate your packaging.

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