The Tuck Top Auto Bottom Remains a Go To Custom Packaging Solution in 2012

Carlsbad, California, Feb. 14th, 2012– One of the most popular and versatile chipboard boxes in the custom packaging marketplace is the Tuck Top Auto Bottom, or TTAB. Tuck Top Auto Bottom chipboard boxes have several distinguishing features which make them a favorite choice.

“Tuck Top Auto Bottom chipboard boxes can be manufactured and then shipped flat to the end-user,” said Bob Peek, CEO of Peek Packaging, “thereby saving considerable shipping costs.”  Peek continued, “And their Auto-bottom feature means that they are very easy to assemble, taking just seconds to prepare for product filling.”

Tuck Top Auto Bottom chipboard boxes are easy to print on and make for a very attractive custom packaging option.  Tuck Top Auto Bottom chipboard boxes help to protect their contents with a bottom that “pops” into its proper place when fully assembled.  In addition, the Tuck Top Auto Bottom chipboard box also has flaps that fold in and a tab top that easily “snaps” closed. 

“We recently had a meeting with a prospect who was using a more complicated packaging solution, said Ed Heller, Director of Sales for Peek Packaging.  “We were able to show them how they could save money by using a TTAB chipboard box instead of their existing packaging which required two to three minutes of setup time and several pieces of tape.  The TTAB chipboard box setup was less than 30 seconds.  The savings of the TTAB chipboard box versus their existing packaging and the time saved equated to a savings of over $10,000 a month for this company which is now our client,” concluded Eddie.

Common uses for the TTAB chipboard boxes are: custom retail packaging, custom food packaging, custom pharmaceutical packaging, custom tea packaging, custom coffee packaging, and custom sports equipment packaging.

About Peek Packaging Inc.

Peek Packaging has over forty years of accumulated experience with custom packaging experience and design.  Peek Packaging is capable of assisting a prospect with their custom packaging requirements, from design concept all the way to delivery of a finished product.  Peek strives to save their customers’ energy, time and money by aiding in the design of a custom packaging solution that is highly marketable and very production-friendly.

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