Why Product Packaging Is Important For A Business

Far too many promising businesses pour all of their energy into developing good products without thinking about the packaging that houses them. The reality is that how you package your goods can go a long way towards improving the bottom line. Well-crafted chipboard boxes boasting custom designs will certainly boost sales. Here are a few things that quality packaging can do for your business regardless of the industry in which you operate.

Offer Superior Protection to Merchandise

The most important function of packaging is to keep its contents safe whether it’s in transit or sitting on a shelf. Great packaging delivers the appropriate level of protection for goods of all kinds without compromising aesthetic appeal. Foam inserts and corrugated cardboard are solid options when it comes to preventing breakage. Chipboard boxes are a good option for the outer packaging that consumers see first.

Build and Solidify Your Brand Identity

Products produced by the most successful businesses are immediately recognizable based on their logos and packaging design. The average American can recognize packages from Amazon or Home Depot at a glance due to their distinctive labeling. The reality is that distinctive packaging is a big part of a brand’s identity. Packaging that boasts custom designs can go a long way towards differentiating your brand from competitors.

Advertise Your Products to Window Shoppers

While an increasing proportion of sales occur online nowadays, many consumers still prefer to make purchasing decisions in person. If you’re shopping for a particular item in a store, you’ll typically be presented with many options.

Distinctive packaging adorned with high-quality images and diagrams can easily set your product apart from the crowd. Ultimately, great packaging could significantly boost sales at brick-and-mortar locations.

Help Consumers Make Informed Decisions

Numerous studies have demonstrated that consumers who are given an appropriate amount of information about a product are more likely to make a purchase. The key is to avoid overloading shoppers with a torrent of statistics and selling points.

Adding a shortlist of features and benefits to the exterior of a product’s packaging will increase the odds that a buyer is happy with their decision.

Save Customers Precious Time and Frustration

Few things in life annoy ordinary consumers more than inadvertently buying a product that doesn’t meet their exact needs. Businesses that tell customers precisely what they’re getting with any given product via informative packaging tend to see more repeat business.

What’s more, satisfied customers that get exactly what they’re looking on the first try are more likely to tell friends and family about their positive shopping experience.

Improve the Overall User Experience

There’s no denying that intelligent packaging design can make buying and enjoying a wide array of products far more convenient for the end-user. Packaging that’s difficult to negotiate will frustrate consumers and may result in damage to merchandise during the opening process.

Sturdy, intuitive packaging will allow consumers to store products when they’re not being used, thereby leading to greater customer satisfaction over the long haul.

Reduce the Impact on the Environment

The inescapable truth is that quite a lot of the packaging used to ship consumer products in any given year will end up in a landfill. Obviously, it would be best if consumers responsibly recycled their undesired packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. Businesses can partially mitigate the impact that discarded packaging has on the environment by using recycled materials free from potentially hazardous chemicals.

Boost Sales From Established Buyers

Many successful businesses derive a significant portion of their revenue by “up-selling” customers who have already made a purchase. Custom packaging can be a subtle yet effective way to persuade customers to buy other items similar to their original purchase.

For instance, items belonging to a particular line of merchandise can be given their own color scheme to visually identify them as a set or collection that goes together.

Save Money on Product Shipment Costs

Many up-and-coming businesses erroneously assume that packaging is one area where it’s difficult if not impossible to significantly reduce costs. The fact of the matter is that opting for custom packaging that’s perfectly tailored to your shipping needs can shave a small fortune off of your operating budget. Spending a little time researching the many different packaging materials available can slash expenses and boost profits.

Locking Down Top-Notch Packaging at a Great Price

At Peek Packaging, we strive to deliver the best packaging possible to businesses of all kinds. Our custom chipboard boxes have been helping businesses highlight their unique products for over 17 years. Paired with the right labeling and design aesthetic, these attractive yet durable lined paperboard boxes are sure to make your products fly off the shelves effortlessly.

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