Custom Packaging Solutions

We are a leader in custom packaging design & supply.

We are a leader in custom packaging design & supply. We enhance brands through premium packaging solutions to clients of all markets worldwide.

We are a leader in custom packaging design & supply. We enhance brands through premium packaging solutions to clients of all markets worldwide.

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Welcome to Peek Packaging

We are a custom packaging company located in San Diego, CA. Peek Packaging has served customers across the country since 2003 by providing custom boxes for products that inspire.

Let us take the stress out of your packaging process. Our award-winning team specializes in a multitude of professions; from project managers to structural engineers and graphic designers. We offer a variety of custom packaging including chipboard boxes, corrugated boxes, displays, flexible packaging, set-up boxes, Costco trays, and more. We’ll take your packaging ideas from concept to production.

Peek Packaging aims to fulfill all of your custom packaging needs. Connect with us today to create the perfect solution for you!


chipboard boxes


From cosmetics to electronics, chipboard material gives you a wide range of options, including board rigidity, box size, and style to differentiate your product packaging and provide a user-friendly open-box experience. Custom chipboard boxes are one of our leading commodities, and specific areas of packaging expertise, along with corrugated boxes, flexible packaging, labels, printed mock-ups, and more. Check out our packaging solutions today.

project management


Our team of Project Managers finds custom boxes for business based on the type of packaging you are looking for, your budget, and your brand’s vision. We are well-versed in determining your best options based on volume, material, and print. Your Project Manager will help guide you from the initial concept to the delivery of your product packaging.

structural design


Our custom packaging designers will create a custom structure for your packaging, specifically tailored to your product. We will then provide dielines to lay artwork on or give you a hand with graphics ourselves. Based on your product line and brand, our designers will work with you to determine packaging style and all other details you need for your product packaging including inserts, windows, hang tabs, and more to enhance the presentation.

design mockup


Take advantage of our printing services for fully printed mock-ups at quantities that are not viable for production. Mock-ups can be very useful in showing potential buyers or partners your physical packaging’s look and feel. Producing a sample of your packaging before committing to running thousands of units is what we offer our customers. With our services, you can also post images on your website and begin selling your product before going into production.


Halcyon Botanics is a line of doctor-formulated skincare products that combine premium quality CBD with pure botanicals. At Peek Packaging, we not only created the secondary packaging for Halcyon Botanics but also produced the best printing solution for their high-end glass bottles.


Sometimes when launching products or rebranding, you end up with more product SKUs and packaging then you need or know what to do with. Peek Packaging is here to help create a solution. For Apogee who has multiple versions of their Mic & Jam product lines that are similar in size, we created a universal packaging concept.

The Good Chocolate

The Good Chocolate Company came to Peek Packaging with a problem many companies face. How do I make a unique packaging solution for a product already in a saturated market? To step out of the norm, we designed a custom chipboard envelope and angled display box.


  • Trivr Eats

    Peek Packaging and their team have truly wowed us as a customer and have completely exceeded our expectations. From early morning coffee meetings with Bob to discuss our vision and concept, to the expertise and attention to detail displayed throughout the design stage, they have delivered in every aspect and phase. They are hands down our most valuable and rewarding partner we have worked with to date and we couldn't imagine doing business with any other packaging solutions company.   

    -Brady Grover

  • Ro-sham-bo Baby

    We have loved working with the team at Peek Packaging over the last several years as our business has grown from a home office to a warehouse. The owner, Bob, took a personal interest in the success of our project from the beginning - when we first approached them with a packaging need, we were a tiny startup operating out of our home office. The team nevertheless took the time to customize a shipping pack for us with awesome ideas and designs and do a tiny run - it was almost certainly not a money making effort for them, but they were willing to help us out and earn our future business... luckily it worked out and we started growing quickly. They are super fast, super responsive and awesome to work with. Highly recommend them!


    Scott Morris, Esq.
    Chief Everything Officer

  • Item 9 LabsItem 9 Labs

    Peek packaging is my #1 choice, and go to, when it comes to my packaging needs. Miles has been making me look good for 3 years with the variety of packaging he has done for me. From their amazing designers to their top notch print quality, I recommend this company to anyone looking to elevate their packaging to the next level.


  • Martin Veldsman

    Bob is very helpful and generous with providing guidance that help customers move forward in their best interest. You would be remiss not to reach out to Peek.

  • Carly Miller

    Came in with little knowledge about what to for packaging and left incredibly informed by Bob. He took the time to explain everything throughly and clearly, with years of experience under his belt. A+++ Highly recommend!!

  • Alexandra Scheeler

    I ordered packaging on behalf of my company with Peek Packaging. Bob and his team were responsive, creative, helpful, and quick! I was not familiar with some of the terminology (e.g. "bleeds") and Bob walked me through everything in layman's terms. We ended up with excellent packaging that we are very happy with!