5 Surprising Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Boxes

On December 19th, 1871 scientist and New York resident Albert Jones officially received his patent for corrugated cardboard.

While cardboard was already in use as a hat-liner back in Europe, this was the first application it had in the shipping industry. Corrugated boxes soon became the shipping industry norm for use as packaging.

But what makes corrugated cardboard boxes the best for shipping? What are corrugated boxes and what types of boxes for shipping are the most appropriate?

Get all the answers to your engrossing cardboard box questions here with this handy guide about the 5 benefits of corrugated boxes.

1. Corrugated Box Packaging Is Secure

If you are shipping valuable and fragile items, corrugated cardboard provides a secure vessel to ship it in. Corrugated cardboard is durable and light. This makes it easy for warehouse workers and mail people to handle with care.

If you run a business and are packaging your products for shipment, make sure to check out the best ways to avoid having your items damaged in transit.

2. Corrugated Boxes Are Cheap

Cardboard is not an expensive material to manufacture. Much of the cardboard in the United States is from recycled material. If you are looking for cheap packaging material, corrugated cardboard is one of the cheapest.

3. Corrugated Boxes Are Versatile

Corrugated cardboard is a very malleable material. You can craft it into a variety of different shapes and sizes. This makes corrugated boxes for shipping an ideal choice, as they can house almost any item.

You can make a box big enough to house even the largest and heaviest items. Cardboard boxes are also perfect for smaller items that require micro-sized packaging.

4. Cardboard Boxes Are Reusable

You may be shipping vast quantities of something business-to-business. If this is the case you can have your client return your packaging material so you can reuse it. This will save your company money and also help the environment.

Other forms of packaging are single-use. This is not the case for cardboard boxes. You can reuse corrugated cardboard boxes many times before they degrade.

5. Cardboard Is More Eco-Friendly

Plastic shipping materials such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap are made of plastic or styrofoam. Both of these materials are far worse for the environment than corrugated cardboard. 

Both the production processes and disposal processes surrounding corrugated cardboard are better for the environment. First of all, unlike polymer-based packaging cardboard is biodegradable.

Also, cardboard comes from timber. This is a renewable resource providing people harvest it sustainably. Plastics are made from fossil fuels which are finite and also cause harm to the environment during their extraction process.

Cardboard Is Your Best Choice

Corrugated boxes revolutionized the shipping industry and product packaging. If you are looking for an effective, secure, and cheap shipping solution you need to consider corrugated cardboard boxes.

If you need industry-standard packaging material for your business, contact us today. We have some of the highest quality cardboard packaging materials for the most competitive prices in the industry. Let us handle your packaging.

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