Cookie Babies

Cookie Babies came to us with a 3 pack product box that could use some improvements. We really liked their box style and graphics, especially the front panel which had a very large window allowing customers to get a very good look at the product. To enhance this look, our team modified the rectangular window to have custom shapes for their cookie baby characters to fit into. This helped bring their branding to life while drawing more attention to the product inside the window. Their logo was prominently displayed above the window. The minimal amount of additional content on the front panel keeps the attention on what matters: the product and the brand. One side panel had catchy phrases to describe their product, while the other side shared how the company started. The back panel had a large version of their logo with a call to action to get more information about Cookie Babies. The graphics effectively showed the many sides of their brand while not being too oversaturated with content.

This product also needed a solution to display in Sam’s Club. The box needed to go into a custom tray for a pallet display. Sam’s Club has strict guidelines that customers must follow in order to be eligible to get into the store. Our team used the parameters Sam’s Club provided and worked backwards into a tray size that would work.

The primary problem that we faced is that the tray was not quite large enough to effectively fit onto the pallet without too much underhang. Underhang is when products do not reach the edge of the pallet. To resolve this, we added an extended panel on the back side that rolled over the top of the display and locked into the bottom of the tray. This gave the trays the extra couple inches needed to fit on the pallet while also providing a large, continuous surface to print on. The product boxes were double stacked inside the trays to avoid increasing the height to stay within the guidelines.

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