RTE Chipboard Box is The Affordable Custom Packaging Solution

San Diego, CA, March 14th 2012– – A Reverse Tuck End custom chipboard box is one of the most prevalent chipboard boxes used by manufacturers today.  Reverse Tuck End Boxes feature tuck ends that tuck and lock in opposing directions at each end of the box.  In most cases, a Reverse Tuck End custom chipboard box is held together with a single seam of adhesive, often down the side of the box.

Reverse Tuck End custom packaging boxes are considered to be inexpensive to manufacture because more boxes can be laid out on a single sheet of chipboard material.

“Many of our clients prefer the reverse tuck end box because of the fact that the tuck ends are opposite from each other, says Peek Packaging CEO, Bob Peek.  “This allows us to continue the graphic design from the face of the box, up onto the top.  It really makes for a product design that is marketable and eye-catching.”

The Reverse Tuck End custom chipboard box is easy to assemble at the manufacturer’s site and ships easily, folded and stacked.  Reverse tuck end custom chipboard boxes can be outfitted with hanging tabs for display purposes.

“We recently designed a Reverse Tuck End custom chipboard box for a software company that wanted to distinguish their product from the competition,” said Ed Heller, Director of Sales for Peek Packaging.  “We designed a Reverse Tuck End box with a center hanging tab at the top that the retailer could use to hang the box. This also had the added benefit of allowing the box to hang from its center of gravity and it subsequently displayed better.”

Common uses for the Reverse Tuck End chipboard boxes are: custom pharmaceutical packaging, custom vitamin packaging, custom perfume boxes, custom candy packaging, custom software packaging and custom soap boxes.

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