Your Very Own Designer Chipboard Box

In discussing chipboard boxes, Bob Peek with Peek Packaging says, “everything we design at our company is a customized design. We simply take customers products and then fit it into a custom-made package.”

In an initial meeting with a typical customer looking for a counter top display box at CVS Pharmacy, we discuss item quantity and exactly how the customer would want it to go into a box. Other analysis include amount of boxes into a master shipper and precisely how many of those fit upon a palette. Eventually, we create the package and print the chipboard. Chipboard is available in 12-point, 14-point, 16-point, 18-point, 20-point, 24-point which describes the heaviness of the board. The stronger the board; the more substantial the point thus the 20 or 24-point thickness is frequently utilized for heavier products. Furthermore, it can come in a couple different types of board. One board variation is called SBS – solid bleached sulphate. It has a great printing surface which is nice and smooth when you print on it. It’s a bright white so all the colors show true.

Right now with the prevalence of eco-friendly packaging, people look to recycled containers. Recycle board is basically a grayish board featuring a clay coat on top. The surface is not as even, the print level of quality is not quite as splendid, the illumination of the white is significantly less acute so that the colors are always marginally different every time. Nonetheless it is recycled, green and definitely will work to accomplish an environmental impact if that’s where the inclination happens to be. Notably, plenty of businesses require the exact same red each and every time on their particular packaging so they consistently choose the white board.

In custom designing a package to certain specifications, the manufacturing is an important element. For illustration purposes, let’s look at a box for 18 Rabbits, a granola and energy bar company, which is displayed at Peets Coffee. This particular box when delivered to 18 Rabbits is flat and requires assembly. The auto bottom design simply snaps together, the product loaded, the top closed and shipped in a master case to the end-user Peets. For the countertop display, all a Peets Coffee employee needs to do is fold the top lid behind the 18 Rabbits bars. The customized chipboard box has effectively marketed the product through a visually appealing and functional display. Peek Packaging specializes in assisting the customer with the chipboard style, material, thickness and printing. 

Please feel free to contact Peek Packaging at (760) 438-1616.

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