Debunking the Most Common Custom Product Packaging Myths

When the COVID-19 pandemic prompted several nationwide lockdowns, the world relied heavily on delivery services. According to the United Nations, online shopping revenue increased to over $26 trillion globally. 

This spike in online retail led many businesses to adopt more delivery services. However, many companies made a mistake in their custom product packaging. 

What was that mistake, you ask? Simply put, too many businesses believed myths that circulate throughout the packaging industry.

Many sources continue to spread myths about the best product packaging processes that businesses, unfortunately, fall for. In this guide, we’ll explore and debunk some of those myths, starting with the most widespread falsehood below. 

Custom Product Packaging Myth #1: It’s Unnecessary

Too many businesses and sellers believe that packaging makes little or no difference to their clients. Instead, what the customer really cares about is the quality of the product. So long as you supply this quality, you can use whatever generic packaging you want.

This myth ignores all evidence. Branding experts across the globe say that packaging is essential for your branding. With custom packaging, you both provide protection and make an impression on your customers. 

Custom Packaging Is a Complicated Process

Many brands believe that custom packaging is a complex process that isn’t worth their time. While that may have been true several years ago, it’s no longer the case. Package designers have made this process simple. 

All you have to do is tell them your preferences and requirements. From there, these companies will take care of the rest. Some even have a turnaround time of seven days, meaning you won’t have to deal with a long wait.

The Best Product Packaging Is Expensive

Companies have a notion that custom packaging will necessarily break the bank. They believe that the price per package will only increase as they place their order. In reality, the opposite often holds.

Usually, the price of packaging decreases as your order size increases. This pricing makes custom packaging more of a bargain. 

When purchasing custom boxes, consider it as an investment. With these boxes, you can build your brand to get more sales and increase customer loyalty. Likewise, secure packaging will reduce revenue losses that stem from damaged products. 

Custom Packaging Is a Less Green Practice

These days, many brands want to appeal to customers with a green outlook. They worry that custom packaging will contribute more to landfills and waste. 

Once again, the facts bear a different message. With custom corrugated packaging, you can pack your products in a biodegradable way. Alternatively, you can use cardboard or Kraft boxes.

These materials aren’t the only green feature of custom packaging. The manufacturing process for these boxes uses less energy than several other industries. 

Find Your Custom Packaging Today

Custom product packaging provides several benefits for your business. It helps build your branding, protect your product, and save money. All that’s left for you to do is find a custom packaging company.

If you need custom packaging for your brand, check out our services today! Our packaging solutions include several materials and a smooth, effective customization process.

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